How the "Hall of Shame" works

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How the "Hall of Shame" works

Postby BigMike » Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:46 am

I have heard a bit of confusion and assumption about how the Hall of Shame works...especially from those who are quick to say "I am on the Hall of Shame as WaD hates me. lololol. umad, wad? " and other such single-digit IQ idiocy.

Here's how it works: We have a custom plugin on our server (written by myself) that monitors you, and looks for certain behaviour...

"Medic said G&GF"
This means you attempted to use the medic plugin, which we do not have. The medic plugin is (in my opinion) a server-side cheat that allows leets (ie the only one's who know about it) to get health restored after getting injured. Our medic only supplies morphine for your pain :twisted:

"Lazy sorry"
We require you to apologise for team kills. Typing "sorry" is not hard. Typing "soz","sry", etc just isn't good enough.

"Got knocked down a peg"
Certain elitist terms will incur this. It is rare that it is triggered.

"Attempted exploit"
The was a certain cheeky bugger, who worked out a way to use the plugin to punish others for his behaviour...and of course, as soon as one idiot knows something, the trolls come to on just to do it. This exploit has long since been fixed. The plugin records those who attempt it.

"Dropped a C-Bomb"
Certain words are unacceptable on our server. The occasional slip in voice is forgivable, but to take the time to type it is not.

Others will be added in the future :twisted:
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